German - Shops and Shopping Vocabulary


To buy

Das Kaufhaus

Department store

Konditorei Cake shop
Die Tasche Bag
Die Kabine Cubicle
Die Drogerie Chemist
Die Apotheke Chemist (Drugs Store only)


To pay

Macht zu

Metzgerei Butchers
Billig Cheap
Anprobieren To try on
Preiswert Good value


Summer sales

Die Kasse

Cash desk

Die Stadtmitte

Town centre


Multiple Choice Questions


To test your knowledge try answering these simple multiple choice questions. Just select the answer you think is correct and click 'Check Answer'. If the answer is correct you will proceed to the next question, if it is incorrect you are given one more go at trying to select the correct answer before it is revealed.



Extended Questions


These slightly more challenging questions require you to type in the answer corresponding to the image displayed. There are however, multiple answers to some of the questions to try and prevent any ambiguity over the images e.g. if the image is of a young boy the words 'boy', 'man' and 'child' may all be accepted. You have two attempts to enter the correct answer before it is revealed.


Sample Speaking Test Questions/Responses

Ich mochte (250 Gramme Apfel)
I want (250 grams of apples)

Wann macht (die Apotheke) auf?
When does the chemist open?